Repair, warehouse and customer service management systems

Any equipment may need to be repaired

Various modern devices, home appliances or vehicles make people's everyday lives easier. However, any equipment may stop working. When a smartphone, TV or family car stops working, people usually turn to repair service providers, in most cases, within the warranty. More people buy more things more likely a repair service will be needed at some point.

When the number of customers is small, the service / repair process is relatively easy manageable. However, when the number of devices increases, a centralized service support system can help to provide a high-quality customer service, which includes:

  • qualitative diagnostics, expert conclusion and service;
  • informing clients about the repair process and deadlines;
  • premium service;
  • sale of parts;
  • timely return of goods to customers;
  • warranties and post-warranty repairs, etc.

The repair system allows managing current work, coordinating masters and warehouses. It contains an integrates linkage with manufacturer systems that automate ordering of parts and data exchanges. The system provides customer information and external APIs that allows applying for repairs from dealer systems automatically.

Who will benefit from a customer service management system?

  • repair masters;
  • dealers;
  • logistics specialists;
  • service managers;
  • IT employees;
  • warehouse managers;
  • auto service and auto parts salesmen;
  • store owners;
  • clients;
  • the master etc.
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